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Welding is one of the skills that can be a source of livelihood for many people. Besides, welding helps people to carry out home repairs and other DIY tasks. How to get started in welding is, however, something that is of great concern for most people. If you are one of the welding enthusiasts, worry no more. Just follow the comprehensive guide below on how to get started in welding.

First, it’s essential to select a welding method. There are multiple options of welding methods. These include MIG welding and electric arc welding. Your needs should mainly determine the welding method chosen. What kind of welding project are you think of pursuing? It’s essential to appreciate that some welding methods may need extensive training. After choosing your welding method, select your welder. Buying a welder is perhaps the biggest expense people incur when beginning welding. There are cheap welders in the market. These cheap welders, however, have a disadvantage. They make learning new skills very difficult. Choose a welder that you won’t have to replace soon. Besides, strive to select a multi-functional welder. Working with a multi-functional welder is beneficial since it suits all welding methods.

When venturing into welding, it’s also essential that you buy welding accessories. These accessories may include welding gloves, wires, aprons, and helmets. For some welding accessories, such as welding wires, check the welder’s specifications so that you don’t err. Moreover, buy the best shielding gas for your welder. You can opt to buy a welding gas tank from your local supplier or make an online purchase. The bottom line is becoming a fully-fledged expert with all the tools of the trade.

After purchasing the accessories, one needs to embark on preparing the weld. For metals to accept the welding process, they must go through a preparation phase. Preparing the metal includes removing any material on the metal that inhibits welding. Such material could be oil or dirt. At this stage, you have all your welding materials. Begin now preparing for the welding process. Put on your wedding attire. After completing that preparation stage, begin to now layer and grind your weld. Welding doesn’t have to be a hard thing. With the above guide, one should be able to kick start their welding dream.