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Justin Panagapko





Justin Panagapko has always been interested in welding and metal fabrication – in addition to solving complex problems – which is why he has over 15 years of welding experience to-date. He got involved with the industry when he was very young by working on his family’s farm. The skills required to work in agriculture are a perfect match for someone who wants to engineer and fix things while staying self-sufficient. He had a great role model in his father, a welder by trade, and his uncle who taught welding at a nearby technical college. Justin eventually began working in the welding industry during his summer vacations. 

Justin Panagapko attended Brandon University to earn a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences. He then continued on to receive a concentrated degree in pressure welding from the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology.

As the President and Owner of both 364 Metalworks and Arctic Foundations of Canada, he happily travels throughout North America on assignments. Arctic Foundations is an organization with 40 years of proprietary ground freezing technology. The company analyzes, designs, manufactures, installs, and operates heat transfer and ground freezing systems that enhance the engineering characteristics of soil and rock. Justin Panagapko takes great pride in the quality of his craftsmanship and loves creating a beautiful finished project from the beginning to the end. He values his team and he has confidence in their ability to go above and beyond to complete their project not only on time but with exceptional quality. 

Justin is especially proud of his company, 364 Metalworks because of their focus on providing specialized procedures and processes to their performance in order to adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance and quality control. Founded in 2012, it employs a small, highly trained staff of 10. They provide pressure welding services, pressure vessel fabrication, and structural steel fabrication services. The company stands out from its competitors because it is one of the very few that can sustain unique cold temperature and high-pressure welding procedures. The company philosophy has always been focused around being detail-oriented enough to provide the unique solutions their customers require. By maintaining a small staff of talented professionals, Justin Panagapko is able to act like a boutique, specialized company, unlike his competition who seeks to make money through quantity, not quality.

Before being employed as a President and Owner of his own companies, Justin Panagapko worked in many other roles, including pressure welder/fabricator, welding supervisor, and general manager. He knows that working in every position first is part of what makes an excellent leader. He understands when employees come to him seeking guidance because he has been in their shoes. 

Looking towards the future, Justin sees the influence that the Green Energy sector will have on the welding and fabrication world. Because there will be such an increased need for precious metals and materials in order to power green technology, it will require large fabrication projects.

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